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Energy Monitor for Tana T6 Water Dispensing Machine

Tana Water (UK) Ltd manufacture, supply and maintain some of the world’s most advanced mains-fed water dispensing machines to the private and public sectors.

Their new T6 products can dispense filtered hot and cold water at the touch of a button and is ideal for the office or home kitchen.

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The T6 has a number of cost saving features including sleep/wake-up modes and an energy saving mode.

Tana Water (UK) Ltd wanted an independent assessment of the running costs for the T6 unit and they were referred to Aleka Design Ltd for help.

Aleka Design Ltd have been using ioBridge module for a number of years as they offer a very reliable and cost effective solution for remote data logging.

The plan was to set up a Tana T6 unit in the kitchen of a typical family home and log the energy usage, and the number of hot and cold drinks dispensed over a two week period.

An ioBridge unit would be used to log data for later analysis to determine the following parameters:

• Energy used in each of the T6 modes of operation.
• Average energy cost per day.
• Average cost per hot and cold drink.

Results would be used to prepare a report to provide data for press releases and customer information sheets.

ioBridge Unit

Energy measurements were performed by a single phase kWh Energy meter module with a pulse output, each pulse representing 1Wh.

Each time the home owner dispensed a Hot or Cold drink they would press the red or blue button on a small remote control.

An Ethernet port was not available in the kitchen near the T6 unit so measurement pulses were fed into a small radio transmitter.

The whole thing was powered by a small door chime transformer.

ioBridge Unit

The ioBridge module was mounted in a plastic enclosure along with a four channels radio receiver. The unit was then connected to the home owner’s Broadband router and was powered from an external 5V wall plug supply.

ioBridge Unit

A live data page was created using ioBridge Widgets and Google Charts to show the home owner how things were progressing over the two week period.

Data was downloaded from the ioBridge account each day and the CSV files were loaded into Excel for analysis.

Tana Water (UK) Ltd were highly delighted with the resulting report.